There are three ways to search the databases.

  • Simple search allows you to input the surname of a diner, which will then generate a list of attendees under that name. You can then click on the person of that name to see all the occasions on which they dined at Holland House. For example, try Fox, Bentham, or Cavendish. See the Index of People to find more surnames to search with.
  • Did they dine together? allows you to search for two people and see if they dined at Holland House at the same time. Again, begin with the surname and then work done the generated list. If the two people did dine together, the search will produce all the occasions when this occurred.
  • Search by date allows you to look through the six years covered by the dinner book and call up details of dinners on any given date. All searches offer two ways to see this information 1) See the data which gives you a breakdown of all the information about that dinner. Within these results a (s) after a person signifies that they slept that night. 2) Go to Folio which shows you the manuscript image of this entry in the dinner book.

Simple Search

Did They Dine Together?

Search By Date